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TRENTINO_VENETO 5th - 12th JULY 2014

05 July 2014

Venice Crowns Wyder (SUI) and Bobach (DEN) Spettacular WOC Day-1 in Italy

Soren Bobach of Denmark seizes the Sprint World title. Judith Wyder (SUI) has no rivals amongst women. Alexandersson (SWE) and Hubmann (SUI) wear silver.

Red and white flags waving in beautiful Venice. Soren Bobach of Denmark and Judith Wyder of Switzerland took gold medals in today’s World Championships Sprint in Italy. They respectively beat overall World Cup leader Tove Alexandersson and Sprint superstar Daniel Hubmann, while Maja Alm and Tue Lassen (DEN) seized bronze.
After closing in second position the qualifying round, Wyder looked like a sure winner already from the start of the final race. The Swiss finished 11.9 seconds ahead of Alexandersson, whilst Alm left back Volynska (UKR) and Eliasson (SWE). In the men’s class, Bobach came in tenth in the qualification heat, but his final race was simply flawless. The Dane eventually crossed the finish line 2.1 seconds ahead of Hubmann.

Along with the WOC the promo event ‘5 Days of Italy’ with over 2000 participants from all over the planet started off in the morning with a Prologue in the venetian lagoon.

Sprint Final - Ladies
Open in new window1 Wyder Judith SUI 15:32.0; 2 Alexandersson Tove SWE 15:43.9; 3 Moeller Alm Maja DEN 15:45.7; 4 Volynska Nadiya UKR 15:46.9; 5 Eliasson Lena SWE 15:59.1; 6 Friederich Rahel SUI 16:06.9; 7 Vinogradova Galina RUS 16:11.5; 8 Ronning Sund Goril NOR 16:29.9; 9 Niemi Venla FIN 16:31.4; 10 Klingenberg Emma DEN 16:35.6

Sprint Final – Men
1 Bobach Soren DEN 15:37.2; 2 Hubmann Daniel SUI 15:39.3; 3 Lassen Tue DEN 15:41.4; 4 Lysell Jerker SWE 15:48.1; 5 Kyburz Matthias SUI 15:52.4; 6 Leandersson Jonas SWE 15:58.0; 7 Michiels Yannick BEL 16:04.7; 8 Prochazka Jan CZE 16:08.0; 9 Gvildys Jonas Vytautas LTU 16:09.4; 10 Hubmann Martin SUI 16:10.7

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