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TRENTINO_VENETO 5th - 12th JULY 2014

01 April 2014

Interview with Janos Manarin, Event Director WOC 2014

90 days to WOC 2014, we asked some questions to Janos Manarin, Event Director of WOC 2014 (World Orienteering Champioships).

.Janos Good morning, can you introduce yourself to who do not know you?

My name is Janos Manarin and I have almost 49 years old (my birthday will be during the WOC). I work as a entrepreneur with a furniture industry and I am President of Orienteering Miane'87 for many years.
In orienteering, after a competitive period, I became national coach in 1990 and I have also organized various competitions as national and international level, about the Italian Cup in 1988 to the Italian sprint championships in 2011. I am IOF Adviser and I am part in the federal council FISO with the role of Vice President FISO.

. Can you explain what is the role of Event Director at an event like the WOC 2014?

The Event Director, basically follows the technical / organizational area of the WOC 2014. My main role is to make sure that the tracks are technically adapted to a WOC: highlighting the spectacle that characterizes our sport.
I coordinate all the "actors" involved in the organization of the WOC 2014: TV on which we will have live coverage for most of the races, the press, the timekeepers, all part of the Information Technologies ie GPS and electronic control systems. Many people with different roles needs to be coordinated.

. Can you give us a quick overview of the different types of areas selected for WOC 2014?

The territories are basically of two types: the city and the forest.
For sprint races in the city we have chosen Burano and Venice. Trent was chosen for the race of the Sprint Relay. We have selected places of absolute spectacle, to make sure that the athletes and spectators can remember these locations and to make the best with live TV.
For races in the woods instead we have chosen the more technical and spectacular areas in the Highlands of Lavarone and Asiago: the arenas are likely to give an absolute value in this WOC 2014.

. How much do you think the WOC 2014 will be useful for more learning about the orienteering culture in a country like Italy?

Television broadcasts will be able to give us prominence. Only with the constant presence in the media will be able to get closer to the great mass for our sport.
In the highlands areas of race we are doing also great promotion in local schools and authorities with side events before the big event.

. We know that you are part of the orienteering since 1985 or. That shows a great passion for the sport. What do you feel you are plaing the role of Event Director of WOC 2014?

It's a big satisfaction for me that the organizing committee has chosen me for this role. The work is not easy and requires great care and time, but I am very proud to be the "first" event director of the "first" World Orienteering Championchips in Italy.

Organizing Committee WOC-WTOC 2014
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